It's both exciting and rewarding when you get to work for clients that you already know and love. And I've been a big fan of Greens Restaurant in West Didsbury, Manchester, for more years than I care to remember.

During that time, co-owner and head chef Simon Rimmer has become a household name, thanks to his various recipe books, foodie columns and presenting on TV shows such as Sunday Brunch.

My first visit to his restaurant was somewhat under duress, attending the birthday bash of a friend who 'fancied a change' and booked our party into this vegetarian venue. All sniffy about 'hippy veggie' dining out, I prepared for an unsatisfying salad-fest - and was very pleasantly surprised to instead find a range of substantial, delicious dishes that just happened to be meat-free. I was an instant convert.

And I wasn't the only one. Simon Connolly (the less famous, equally talented co-owner) explained that my story of accidental conversion to their restaurant was a common one amongst their regular clientele - and that the message of being a restaurant that everyone liked, not just vegetarians, needed to be central to the copy for their new website.

This message came quickly...

Vegetarians love us. You will, too.

And the rest of the copy for Greens website flowed from there.