I do enjoy working with one-man(or woman)-bands. More often than not, people who run their own businesses do so because they have real aptitude for and belief in what they're doing - which makes it easy to pinpoint their strengths, and subsequent benefits for their customers.

Amity Mediation, run by Joanne Deveney, is a perfect example. Joanne used to run her own litigation business, and very successfully, too - but she became drawn to mediation as an alternative to legal action after seeing clients benefit from it again and again.

These benefits went way beyond financial; those who tried mediation tended to feel a lot more satisfied with the outcome, having been able to stay in control of the negotiation process throughout, air their grievances and have them dealt with in a sympathetic and unbiased environment - and without having to waste much more time, effort and money on a stressful, sometimes incomprehensible and impersonal legal process.

Struck by the humanity of the process, Joanne decided to close her successful business in order to start from scratch as Amity Mediation - a bold move that came from a genuine desire to help people to the best of her ability.

I'm a sucker for those kinds of business stories, so was happy to help Joanne draft some copy for a profile promoting her work, as well as for her company website.

It seems she was happy, too.

Rowena was excellent to work with, taking the brief which I gave her and crafting from it an effective message. She worked wholly within my time frame and was friendly, approachable and completely professional throughout. I will certainly be engaging her again and have no hesitation in recommending her services to others.

Wishing you luck in your new venture, Joanne.