I love that moment when you get a new client on board.

I donít mean when they first contact you, or commission you for a job.

It happens after youíve consulted with them about what they want; after youíve come back with a solution for what they really need; after youíve worked together to get the key messages in place; after youíve drafted an outline of content.

But before the final, completed copy is delivered.

Itís the Ďeurekaí moment when it all comes together: when you both realise that youíve nailed the essence of what this particular piece of marketing is all about.

Now not only have you got the messages in place that will grab the audience by the scruff of the neck and shake them into immediate action Ė youíve also created the tone of voice that your client loves as something that is truly representative of them.

Thatís the moment that I love the most. It's when I know that the hard part is done, and all I need to do now is to let the words flow.

(Well that moment, and the one when they go on to commission more work...)

As some well-known credit card company out there might say: priceless.